pain by Benedikt
The parking lot was so dark. Why did that creepy van have to park next to her? She fumbled for her keys as the door to the van slid open and she disappeared inside without out any notice.
The first session took place in the van where he fucked her raw before leaving her bound and gagged for the ride to his own personal version of hell.
He carried her to the basement tearing off clothes along the way. By the time they were all the way downstairs she was already stripped to her heels and having a giant dick rammed down her throat over and over!
She started to puke which angered him. He whipped her ass raw and told her to take it all by herself.
Eyes teared from both the taste and her own gag reflex she slowly impaled her face on his throbbing member. He held her face there as she choked.

Want full enjoyment? Come on, let’s go!