artwork by Thorn
Of all the fucking luck, Jared thought. Big sis dies in a car crash and dumps her brats on me to take care of? Who the fuck did she think I am, some sort of nursemaid? Of all the rotten luck… why does shit always happen to me?
Jared hadn’t seen his nieces in years. The last time he saw them they were barely able to dress themselves, but still the girls didn’t like him. He could tell. Now that his sister was dead, he was suddenly their legal guardian. And because `big sis’ didn’t own her house, the two moved into Jared’s filthy trailer right after their mother’s funeral.
He’s been training them to serve as his personal fuck-sluts. He constantly reminds them that he owns their young bodies, their warm mouths and hairless twats. Maybe this was going to work out after all, Jared thought…
“Yeah! Suck it like a lollypop, bitch! Swirl your tongue around the head and slide it across my pee-hole… yeah… you gotta earn your keep now! Get me all worked up, make me hard, slut. Show me how well you’ve learned to handle a man’s tool! Oh yeah… nice and sloppy. Take it all the way down, whore… choke on the damn thing! Make me hard so I can splash in your sister’s gash… Yeah!”

Want full enjoyment? Come on, let’s go!