artwork by Thorn
Ashley has been moved from town to town. She has no idea where she is, or even what country she is in. They’ve been staying at a shabby roadside inn for the past two days, when suddenly her `guide’ turned on her. She’s been stripped naked, and the burly man yanked her onto a wooden table. Several dusky men gathered around to watch the show.
“Closer, my friends! Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite! All American cunts are passive. Their decedent Western lifestyle makes them soft and easy to tame. But once you take a stab at her snatch, you’ll have a real wildcat on your hands! How much do I hear for this piece of pampered flesh? She’s a crier… and a screamer! She’ll cry while licking your toes… or polishing your knob between her fat tits! You can make her do anything… once you buy her, she’s yours! Hang her by her thumbs and whip her jugs until they turn crimson! Brand her ass and ring her nose… and then make her lick your nutsack in appreciation.”

Want full enjoyment? Come on, let’s go!