submission by Mr Kane
The Imperial army of Ringstone took up position around the Sibeley asteroids. It launched a number of controlled attacks but it failed to force the rebels to surrender. Sibelly III was defended by an advanced armament system, intended to equip it as a base for interstellar defense and commercial expansion. Its high-energy canons and missiles had a longer range than those of the destroyers in the Ringstone navy.
The rebel miners were joined by all other workers on the three asteroids, including the technical staff. The attack was beaten off.
An Assembly was called and the decision was taken to break away from Ringstone and proclaim an independent asteroid.
They checked the available provisions and found that they had time to complete the arches that would unite the three asteroids. With a bit of luck they would become self-sufficient and autonomous.
Erik was voted President of the new republic. He thanked the crowd and told them “If we need something, we’ll take it from the Empire! We’ve got their high-tech craft and the best defense system!”
Governor Sarella arrived safely on Dareko, but was arrested and placed in a punishment capsule. She was considered responsible for the rising on Sibely III.
They stripped her naked and sat her on a metal chair which restricted her movements almost completely. From time to time different animals that bit or stung were placed in the capsule with her. They included the crablike pralus that explored her most intimate parts…

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