artwork by Badia
The only thing louder than her hoarse screams, was the squelching, sucking sound of the woman’s fist as it sank deeper and deeper into her quivering pussy.
She’d spent half the day with the men, and they’d each cum three or four times. They’d fucked her pussy, her ass, her mouth, and even all three at the same time. She was never given a break, whenever someone had to sit out and rest, another would take his place pounding one of her holes. And when they’d finished, Madame Martinez had tied her to another set of restraints and led in a group of women.
Now one of those women was nearly elbow deep in her pussy and scooping out all the cum the men had left inside her battered hole.
“Please, just leave me alone. You’re a woman, you must know how much this hurts…” Mary sobbed.
The woman between Mary’s legs ignored her, continuing to plunge her fist deeper into Mary’s sore, red, and swollen pussy. The cum from the men was oozing out around her wrist, which was surprising giving how tightly Mary’s pussy lips was clinging to her arm. Her own pussy began to flow with pussy cream as she felt Mary’s pussy twitch and convulse with every movement of her fist.

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