artwork by Badia
Marie coughed and choked as Tanya’s fingers, then fist moved its way up her tight ass. She moaned and groaned, her body shaking and quivering. The position she was tied in was pure agony, designed to inflict pain even without the additional torment and violation.
“How’s that, little whore? I bet you like it in the ass!” said Tanya
“Mmmm, grrr, fffffckkkk” was all Marie could muster.
Tanya slapped one of Marie’s tightly bound tits. The smack filled the hollow, cold room.
“Nnnoooo” she gurgled, the thick wooden gag choking the bound girl.
“Oh, is that uncomfortable for you dear? Perhaps I should call the guards in, they haven’t had any action today. I bet they’d like to fuck you raw right as you are. Maybe then you wouldn’t complain so much about the treatment you’re receiving from me! Or perhaps if I let you down, you’d eat my ass for a break?”

Want full enjoyment? Come on, let’s go!