artwork by Thorn
Inside, he pushed her over to one of the wooden roof supports. There was an iron ring set in it, just above her head height. From the ring hung a length of thick cord. He now grabbed her wrists, pinning them together in his large hand and lifted them up. Then taking the cord, he bound her wrists, tying them tightly to the ring. Now she stood with her arms secured above her head, facing the support, which was to serve as her whipping post. Her full young buttocks were completely at his mercy.
“Well now, as you are eighteen, let’s say I give you eighteen lashes, one for every year of your useless life. Yes, eighteen good hard stokes across that nice fat bottom,” he said, savouring the words. Enjoying the expression of fear now reflected in her tearful eyes, he raised the whip up over his head.
“O God … No, please … don’t… I’ll do any…” Her words were cut short, as the whip slashed downward and struck her across her rounded bottom. Her pert cheeks wobbled under its impact and the bound girl stared at him, her mouth hanging open in disbelief at the pain
“AHHHHHHHGGGG … AAHHH … AAHHHH.” She let out a piercing scream as the pain hit home. Her soft white bottom cheeks were now adorned with an angry red weal left by the whip.
He waited to let the pain sink in, then the whip lashed down for a second time, striking just below the first, on the fatty underside of her bottom and Miranda let out another burst of agonized screaming. The whip’s impact sent her body jerking lewdly as she struggled, trying to twist and turn her bottom away from its stinging lash.

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