artwork by Hines
Pretty 21 year-old slavegirl Beverly had finally been judged as ready to be presented to the two women who had purchased her blindly, based solely upon Miss LuAnne’s brief description of her over the phone. Sado-Dykes Mistress Meanip and Miss Synge had been especially attracted to the fact that the trim-bodied Beverly was English. “I never had an English girl,” Miss Synge mused. “They look so damn proper and stuck-up on television. Always wanted to have a chance to really break one. Really strip her of any dignity and make her into a little low-life, begging whore.”
The short, wide-bodied Mistress Meanip agreed. “That sounds good to me, too. And after we’re done putting her in her new place, maybe we should invite some of the most scummy, dirtiest, ugliest bitches we can find over and have her service them all. That would really be a show!”
Both Mistresses were pleased when Beverly was brought out to meet them, escorted by two of Miss LuAnne’s big female assistants. Miss Synge could not contain herself, stepping forward and groping, pulling and pinching at the frightened English slave. “It’s a good thing that we reserved a private overnight suite here before taking you back home with us. You really turn me on, slave; I can barely wait to see for myself what a good little bitch you are!”

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