artwork by Hines
Denise’s family, so loving, dedicated and God-fearing, had done all that they could possibly do to insure that she had turned out to be a good, decent young lady; a girl that any parent could be proud of. Denise regularly attended church, got good grades in school and was popular with all her friends. Well, not with all of them, to be exact.
No matter how good a person one might be, there’s usually at least one malcontent who might take offense to a goody-goody like Denise; someone who thinks that a gal like her was just too good to be true and needed to be taken down a peg, to be toppled off her pedestal. That someone happened to be another of her female college classmates, a smiling girl who hid her resentment and jealousy towards Denise behind a false smile. A girl who happened to have an interested relative who belonged to a secret group whose name was never mentioned out loud….
That false friend watched from her dormitory window and giggled as she watched the two strange men snatch Denise as she started to get into her car, covering Denise’s mouth as she was quickly hustled into that dark-colored van. ” “I hope they make a really low-down whore out of you, you spoiled bitch!”

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