dominance by Arcas
Xin Lang struggled hopelessly in her restraints. The only effect was a set of metallic clinks and clanks. To Rubio, it sounded like music.
“One Chinese spy, ready for re-education,” laughed Rubio. “God, I love my job.”
Xin Lang had killed 33 men in her time as an intelligence agent, 8 of them with her bare hands. She was a force to be reckoned with and she knew it. But what good was all her training when these infernal metal restraints would not let her move so much as an inch?
“Ever heard of orgasm-programing, slut?” asked Rubio. “It’s where I fuck you as part of the brain-washing process; it’s just a theory, of course, but so far the results have been great! I can’t wait to get my hands on those creamy tits and that tight ass!”
His taunts actually gave Xin Lang some hope. If he was going to fuck her, maybe he’d free her from this metal horror that she was locked in. Maybe she’d have a chance at escape!
Rubio walked behind her and clinked his keys loudly.
“Now let’s see here…” he seemed to be talking to himself. “Which one of these keys fits the locks that you’re in?”
Xin Lang tensed her body, ready to deliver a killing stroke to her attacker the moment she was free.

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