dominance by Arcas
Fear is an important part of breaking a girl. You have to get her to think about you all the time, even when you’re not there. The anticipation is what really makes her mind crumble. Or hell, maybe I just like watching them shiver and cry.
I creaked the door slowly open. Instantly, she tried to twist her head around. She couldn’t see me of course. All she could see was my shadow, falling over her.
I just stood there for several moments. I enjoyed the way my dark shadow fell across her white skin. As if my shadow alone was claiming ownership over her body. I enjoyed the way she writhed back and forth in terror at the mere sight of my shadow. I guess I’ve always been a poet at heart.
Her body was stiff; ever inch of her naked flesh, attentive to me, trying to figure out what I was going to do to her today. As if there was anything she could do. Sometimes I just open the door and stand here, and then I close it and walk away. Just to fuck with her head. Not today though.
I took a step inside and she burst out crying. I was instantly hard. I had so much power! Such total control over this hot little piece of ass! Was it really just last week that she was some cock-teasing little college freshman? I remember the smug look on her face as she walked past all the guys who drooled just to look at her. She used to think she such a big deal. Look at her now, afraid of my shadow.

Want full enjoyment? Come on, let’s go!