artwork by Badia
Esmeralda shrieked as the riding crop came down on her back. To think, only 2 weeks ago she had been the one triumphantly enjoying another woman’s downfall. Now she was the one being whipped and abused by the Lady Bethany.
Lord Diego had assigned his butler Carlos to help with the task of teaching Esmeralda her place, her new place, in the pecking order. Carlos proved surprisingly adept with his use of the riding crop. He explained that he had performed this service before, for many other women under Lord Diego’s command.
But if Carlos was adept at punishing women, Bethany was a strange sort of wizard. She produced complicated devices of torture, which Esmeralda had not even imagined. Glass tubes were placed over her nipples and suction applied to them. Her tits and arms were bound so that she was almost hanging with all of her weight resting on her most sensitive areas. And to top it all off, Bethany produced what seemed to be a replica of a cock, covered in thorns, and shoved the horrid contraption into Esmeralda’s helpless pussy.
Where had Bethany even gotten such strange tools? Where had she learned to use them? Lord Diego certainly seemed to enjoy watching Bethany torture other women. Esmeralda was beginning to suspect that was what Lord Diego liked about her.
Esmeralda should have seen it coming. Although the Lord Diego had been favoring Bethany much of late, he had not chosen to remarry after his recent divorce. That meant that Esmeralda and Bethany were natural rivals. Both were hoping Diego would marry them. This was Bethany’s way of eliminating a rival.

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